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Our proposals are based on a 50% deposit upfront if not financed.



Insurance for the equipment can be done on Customers behalf through the Finance House subject to Approval or when the Customer wants the insurance done through his own broker it’s the Customer’s responsibility. It is compulsory for the equipment to be insured. Confirmation of cover is required.

Service Agreement

The service agreement includes remote support. Products are covered by their respective warranties as set out by manufacturers. Please note that nor force majeure or act of God including Lightning damage or any damage from abuse is not covered, will be repaired by us upon a quotation, order and invoice basis for time and material used to get system back in original working order.

Number porting

Our quote could be subject to number porting and cancellation of various lines at Telkom/Service Providers. This could take up to approximately seven (7) to 31 (thirty-one) working days to finalize and does not form any part of the above proposal and will be handled separately. Boxfresh Technologies cannot be held liable for delays in porting. All port requests submit returned with a reject or CRDB termination is subjected to port fees. Number porting will be charged separately at R300.00 excl. Vat per DID number ported once off. Customers must ensure that the relevant end customer account status is checked for account suspension or account arrears to prevent porting request attempts being rejected by the donor operator. The onus is on the end user to terminate services with current provider. Boxfresh Technologies may not cancel on behalf the customer. Thus the customer is responsible to cancel services with their current service providers. Boxfresh will not be held liable for any charges due to customer failure to cancel. The porting process will not result in an automatic cancellation of any other services.


All prices quoted exclude VAT. 

Terms of Payment

Payment terms are strictly 50% deposit required and balance is payable COD unless the Customer has applied for a credit facility and this has subsequently been granted by the finance house involved.

Ownership and Risk

Ownership and all associated risks are transferred to the Customer upon delivery to site and the signing of a Delivery Note or Invoice. No equipment will be left on site without the signed acceptance of these terms by a company representative with the authority to do so. Please be advised that, upon expiry of the initial rental period by effluxion of time and, provided that the client has fulfilled the obligations in terms of the agreement including giving notice as required in terms of the agreement, we will give you the option to purchase the equipment which is the subject matter of this rental agreement for an amount equal to 1 x additional Rental payment excluding VAT..


All equipment is covered by standard warranties as set out by manufacturers. Details of these Individual warranties are available on request.


Delivery of the equipment to site will be between four (4) to fourteen (14) working days from date of official order. If stock is immediately available this time period will be reduced. Delivery to clients in the greater Gauteng area is free of charge. Deliveries and all related costs outside of this area will be quoted and charged for.


The proposed connectivity is subject to a successful feasibility study. Feasibility is dependent upon LTE coverage, signal strength, wireless line of sight, tower capacity and in the event of Fibre, the availability and time frames for Fibre installation. Uncapped internet may Be subject to a fair usage policy per package.

Conditions, Risks & Responsibilities

Compromise of SIP setting resulting in excessive usage, Boxfresh Technologies will not be responsible for a subscriber’s usage as a result of a “Hack” of SIP settings or SIP Server. Typically, the compromised SIP settings are used to call competition lines owned by the hackers where they generate a profit at the Customer’s expense. The client will be invoiced for any calls made by hacking when international calling is requested / required.

Payment of invoices and Suspension of Services

Please note that monthly payments for usage invoices must be paid within seven (7) days of receipt. Boxfresh Technologies reserves the right to block all accounts in arrears until payment is received.

Cancellation of monthly services

Please note all our monthly services have a full calendar months notice. official cancelation form needs to be submitted and final invoice needs to be paid in full before any number can be ported. 

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Boxfresh Technologies has been in operation since September 2005.  Based in Gauteng, we have aliened ourselves with strategic partners and suppliers across South Africa, enabling us to deliver nationwide. 

The company started off as a computer supplier, concentrating more on the IT sector, and we have since then expanded our horizons to the wide variety of products we offer. Some of the products we offer include computers, laptops, printers, digital colour copiers, multifunction copiers, Access control, CCTV, and VOIP, PABX telephone systems.