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During these challenging economic times it is good to know that Boxfresh Technologies remains confident in assisting our customers and staying true to our promise of customer care and supplying quality products. 

At Boxfresh Technologies, combined with our ever improving latest technology, service and after sales service we would like to assure you of a very long and happy association with you, our valued customer.

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Document solutions will ensure that you and your company discover sources so that you have the competitive advantage. 

Improve your workspace efficiency, cut costs and save as soon as today by incorporating our state-of-the-art document resolutions. 

If you are looking to save time, you will be able to do so automatically; whether this is by processing a scan or file in digital form, our clarifications will ensure that your business documents are available on time; furthermore this process will prove to be a lot faster. It is encouraging to know that costs can be controlled by applying the correct combination of software and hardware. 

Today’s modern world functions on total information overload. The reliance of documenting this information has, in turn, increased dramatically leading to the demand for storing documents in varying formats and as a result, companies require an efficient solution to store and process their information. The question is how can these requirements be brought together to create a solution that provides a company an integrated approach to handling business processes and documentation? 

We provide and design Managed Document Solutions (MDS) that will benefit organisations of any size – from large corporations through to small-to-medium businesses. Document management has become a necessity for all office types, your organisation will be able to access it as a simple network appliance. Document Solutions’ tailor-made MDS offers a holistic approach to a company’s workflow – from capturing to archiving, workflows to security and environmental impact, we can reduce output costs by around 30%. To deliver meaningful savings we will meet your specific needs and offer complete solutions, while cutting internal costs. 

Furthermore, our multi-function offerings will mean you get the absolute best products for your specific business and industry. In a nutshell Boxfresh Technologies ticks all the boxes, crosses all the “t’s” and dots all the “i’s”, partnering with you to ensure your company runs efficiently. If you are looking for solutions that are not only environmentally friendly but also in your company’s best interests, Boxfresh Technologies is the best option for you.